buy sulfur near me

buy sulfur near me

buy sulfur near me:

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Buy sulfur of agricultural:

Purposes of buy sulfur and granular sulfur

buy sulfur near me
buy sulfur near me

1 – Ph change

The most important reason for buying agricultural sulfur and using it can be considered the regulation of soil acidity.

Agricultural lands in Iran have a pH of 7 or higher because of their calcareous or so-called salinity.

PH or the acidity of the earth refers to alkalinity and acidity.

Suitable acidity of good agriculture is between 6.5 and 7. Numerically between neutral or even slightly acidic acidity.

Agricultural sulfur in the soil over time produces sulfuric acid, and this acid helps the soil to change from alkaline and saline to acidic and so-called soil modification.

The high alkalinity of the soil, besides preventing plant roots from accessing nutrients, is also a good source for the growth of harmful bacteria.

For this purpose and to improve soil acidity, it is usually recommended to use bentonite sulfur fertilizer with organic fertilizer in the soil.

buy sulfur near me
buy sulfur near me

2– Pest control

Another important reason for the purchase of powdered agricultural sulfur by farmers is pest control.

It has been mostly used to fight fungal blight in vineyards.

For this purpose, pure micronized sulfur is sprayed as a powder on plant organs.

Mesh 200 refined powdered sulfur is usually used for this purpose.

3– Meeting the need for sulfur in the plant

Element S or sulfur is one of the most important and usable nutrients in plants.

A sign of sulfur deficiency in plants is the yellowing of the young leaves of the plant. Buy sulfur near me.

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