Lime sulfur spray

Lime sulfur spray

Lime sulfur spray:

Lime sulfur spray, also called liquid calcium polysulfide, controls insects and fungi of roses, fruit trees, berries and other ornamental and edible plants in the garden. It is sold as a liquid concentrate before you spray it on the foliage of your plants or trees. Plants can be treated with a spray of lime and sulfur while dormant, and at the beginning of leaf germination and full leaf germination. The strength of the spray depends on the time of use and the type of plant you are using. You can buy lime sulfur spray from us.

Lime sulfur spray
Lime sulfur spray

When to use lime sulfur spray

 Beginning of spring


Add half the amount of water needed to fill the air spray tank or bucket. For example, add 1/2 gallon to a 1 gallon sprayer or 1 1/2 gallons to a 3 gallon sprayer.


Open a bottle of lime and sulfur spray, concentrate when wearing rubber gloves and a face mask. For silent spraying of roses, fruit trees and ornamental shrubs or early spring and autumn roses, measure 4 ounces (8 tablespoons) of concentrate per gallon. When shaking the container by shaking or using a mixing rod or rod, pour it into the tank or bucket. Add 1/2 cup of extinguishing oil spray per gallon to add to performing the mixture as an extinguishing spray.

Lime sulfur spray
Lime sulfur spray


Add one and a half volumes of water while continuing to stir the mixing bowl.


Close your compressed air sprayer and pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or pour the diluted solution from your mixing bucket into a trigger sprayer.


Just when winter leaf buds swell, spray fruit trees, roses and shrubs with a spray. One treatment is usually enough for the entire sleeping season. Spray the rose bushes once in early spring, just before the flower buds swell, and again in the fall when the leaves and flowers fall off.

You can buy lime sulfur spray from us.

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