What is  sulfuric acid?

What is sulfuric acid?

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Buy sulfuric acid is often distributed in 20-liters gallons, 1000-liter tankers and, 220-liter barrels, and laboratory-type sulfuric acid in 2.5-liter gallons. 98% available in the market.

Buy sulfuric acid is for various industries.

Sales of sulfuric acid with different degrees of purity such as 98% sulfuric acid with high concentration, 35%, and 50% is done. The importance of sulfuric acid in the industry is so great that 180 tons of it is produced annually in the world. In Iran, sulfuric acid is a widely used chemical that is purchased and used in most businesses and whole. For example, it is used in leather making, soft drinks, textiles, zinc production, etc.

Buy sulfuric acid
Buy sulfuric acid

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sulfuric acid is produced by a Iranian company that has long been active in the sale of chemicals and laboratories. Sales of sulfuric acid by this company, with very good quality, reasonable price and in packages with quantities consumed by the customer. The properties of this acid include:

The composition of this chemical is corrosive and highly reactive

Soluble in water

It is a colorless liquid acid with a high boiling point.

Buy sulfuric acid
Buy sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid that reacts highly with exothermic water. The price of sulfuric acid is determined by its purity.

Annual production for sale of sulfuric acid:

231 million tons of the world

China 74 million tons

37 million US tons

India 16 million tons

Russia 14 million tons

Morocco 7 million tons

The production process for selling sulfuric acid has four stages:

  1. A) Extraction of sulfur
  2. B) Conversion of sulfur to sulfur dioxide
  3. C) Conversion of sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide
  4. D) Conversion of sulfur trioxide to sulfuric acid

Selling sulfuric acid is easily the most important source of sulfur recycled from natural gas and oil. These contain sulfur compounds, both organic and hydrogen sulfide, both of which must be removed before fuel or raw material.

Another important source of sulfur is sulfur dioxide from metal refining. Other metals produced from sulfide ores include copper, nickel, and zinc.

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