What is sulfur liver

What is sulfur liver

Sulfur liver:

Sulfur liver is a well-defined mixture of

 Potassium sulfide,

 Potassium polysulfide,

 Potassium t-sulfate,

 And possibly potassium bisulfide.

 Synonyms include hepar sulfur, sulfur, potash sulfur, and potash sulfur. There are two distinct types: “potassium Sulfur liver” and “ammonium Sulfur liver“.

It is sold as a brittle yellow solid (a “mass” that must be mixed with water before use) and a pre-mixed liquid and gel form. This solid is believed to have the longest shelf life, although all the liver’s sulfur breaks down rapidly. Sulfur liver that is kept dry, closed from the air, out of light and in the freezer will last several times longer than what is stored in any other condition.

The best quality sulfur:

The best quality liver is solid sulfur, a substance with a dark yellow color and almost “liver”. With age and exposure to air, its strength decreases, it turns yellow and eventually turns white, at which time its reactivity is negligible. Sulfur liver is decomposed into potash sulfate and potash carbonate, neither of which has any value as a metal oxidizer.

The liver reacts with sulfur and silver to quickly form a dark or colored patina on the metal. When refining silver, the solution must be warm, although if the bath reaches its boiling point, the Sulfur liver will decompose rapidly and become ineffective.

Also, if the concentration of the solution is too high, the oxidation process proceeds very quickly and the resulting patina layer tends to flake.

Finally, it is very important that the metal surface is perfectly clean, as much as the same surface is required for plating. Even a small amount of oil on the metal, such as produced without glove handling, will be enough to protect the metal surface from oxidation. If you buy, you can visit our site, we will offer you the best product

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