buy urea for cosmetics

buy urea for cosmetics

buy urea for cosmetics

It is one component of NMF. A special grade of urea is used in the cosmetics and health industries. Excessive use of this substance and the use of urea with an inappropriate grade cosmetic products leads to a toxic line.


Animal feed production / synthetic protein / teeth whitening products / yeast / fabric dyeing / chemical fertilizer production / cosmetics and skin care products





Chemical formula:


Familiarity with the applications of it in industry

It is true that urea is the most common and common application in the agricultural and fertilizer industries, but that is not the end of the matter.

It is interesting to know that it is even used in the preparation and production of cosmetic products such as skin softeners, colorful skin moisturizing creams, various trimmers and various shampoos.

Other applications of this chemical in the industry include the role of this chemical in the production of animal feed, synthetic protein, teeth whitening products, yeast and fabric dye.


Familiarity with urea production methods

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But if you are only interested in knowing the methods of its production and it adds to your general information, we admit that this chemical product is prepared from the methods of solution recovery, one-pass process and extraction method.

Terms of purchase and sale

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