where to buy urea fertilizer near me

where to buy urea fertilizer near me

Urea phosphate fertilizer (nitrogen phosphate 10-20) 20 kg

Urea fertilizer is one of the most widely used fertilizers due to the density of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) and the presence of sulfur (10%). Due to the type of granulation and the amount of its consumption, this fertilizer eliminates the plant’s need for phosphorus and nitrogen (to start and stimulate growth). Nitrogen in the formula of these fertilizers is slowly released in the fertilizer composition.

The application rate of this fertilizer is 200 to 300 kg / ha for crops, 150 to 250 kg / ha for oilseeds and up to 1.5 kg per tree in horticultural crops.

Product Features
Product Features

Product Features:

Has enough phosphorus and nitrogen for plant growth

Suitable for all crops and gardens

Soil pH regulator due to its elemental sulfur and sulfate

Increase the quantity and quality of the product

Increase root growth and flower and fruit formation

Consumption instruction:

Soil and manure


20 kg bag

-where to buy urea fertilizer near me:

Has established and is committed to providing quality products under international standards. The sales department and experts of this department of Razi Petrochemical are ready to respond and provide reliable and friendly services to esteemed customers. Our main goal is to develop long-term relationships with customers in domestic markets and foreign markets using modern sales and marketing methods, including pricing, demand planning, sales status reporting, and an advanced web-based order management system. Which will be launched in the near future.

Razi Petrochemical Company in agricultural and horticultural activities offers products such as urea fertilizer and dominium phosphate fertilizer (DAP) and in industrial activities products such as granulated sulfur, ammonia and sulfuric acid to its customers.

This petrochemical is one of the places of urea production and there are other places in Iran that produce urea.


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