buy organic sulfur

buy organic sulfur

Mineral sulfur fertilizer

Supplier of raw materials for complete fertilizers

Supplier of raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers.

Mineral Sulfur Fertilizer Respected management of the organic mineral sulfur complex of our site, for good faith work in the direction of practical testing and testing of soil decomposition companies and soil mechanics and agricultural research center, is ready.

To provide free samples (200 kg) of mineral sulfur powder and lumps to farmers, farmers, gardeners, pistachio growers, summer growers and fertilizer cultivation and production companies throughout Iran. So that these loved ones can come to a conclusion about the quality and efficiency of this mineral.

buy organic sulfur
buy organic sulfur

Why should we use organic mineral sulfur?

Today, excessive use of herbicides, decongestants, fungicides, hormones, chemical fertilizers and refining sulfur, Antibiotics and other substances in agricultural production endanger food safety and health and lead to a variety of diseases.

And health and environmental pollution has become one of the most important factors in aggravating the category of mortality and reducing the average human population in the world.

Sulfur organic


In the form of completely natural and organic fertilizer with completely natural micronutrients and without any chemical additives.

He is the holder of the analysis certificate of the company for the decommissioning of crystal ores mines in the East.

Absorbs micronutrients in the soil and fertilizer of your farmland and orchards.

They are non-absorbable, unused and stored in the soil because they reduce the acidity or (PH) of the soil.

Toxic is completely natural and organic. Which can be used without harm to the environment and nature.

It is in the form of sulfate and contains two micronutrients of iron and potassium as a solution in water and soil. Which is absorbed by trees and plants after consumption.

Free of heavy metals and carcinogens. Which can be used as surface spread and manure in orchards and agriculture.

6- To eliminate mites and some plant pests that often attack citrus trees, palm trees, cotton and strawberries, etc… It has the property of controlling and reducing the population.

It has economic justification and is easy to use.

In the case of plant mites, they do not upset the biological balance of the environment. And most importantly, they do not have toxic effects.

Reduces the pH and EC of your agricultural soil and gardens.

This improves both the physical properties of the soil and reduces its severe alkalinity. As a result, the soil becomes much more suitable for crops.

It improves the soil of agricultural lands, especially saline and alkaline lands.

Given that legumes need more sulfur than grains, Organic mineral sulfur is not only effective in increasing crop production but also in improving its quality, which has favorable effects on this group of plants, namely dark legumes.

buy organic sulfur
buy organic sulfur

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