buy organic sulfur

buy organic sulfur

Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur contains 10-15% of sulfur, 15% of bentonite and 70% of fungal compost or plant compost in addition to micronutrients (zinc, iron, copper, manganese) in granular form and is one of the most important sources of fertilizer providing trace elements. It is for agricultural and horticultural products and also due to having trace elements, fertilizer is very useful for use in greenhouses, gardens and houseplants.

How to consume Organic Sulfur:

In fields 300 to 400 kg per hectare before planting.

In the gardens, in the form of shading fertilizers for trees, one kilogram per tree in the first spring.

In greenhouses and pots 15 grams per plant and in the garden 25 grams per square meter

buy organic sulfur
buy organic sulfur


Increase production per unit area

Increased absorption of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, nitrogen, phosphorus,% by plant roots

Increase in oil content in oilseeds

Increase product quality (such as protein, sugar, vitamins, etc.)

Increasing the population of beneficial soil microbes

Increase in soil organic matter

Disinfect the soil and preserve the environment

(Recommendation) Use any kind of fertilizer in order to improve and strengthen the soil of arable lands and gardens based on the result of soil test, only with the opinion of experienced experts and engineers of the Jihad Agricultural Organization of the region and trust them.

buy organic sulfur
buy organic sulfur

Sell ​​Organic Sulfur

We offer the product on the condition of the originality of the raw material and equal analysis and reasonable price, and customer orientation is one of the goals of this company.

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Sulfur (SO)

This fertilizer has 15% sulfur (SO) along with a very strong and useful organic supplement for trees.

Since the concentration of sulfur in the plant is higher than phosphorus, unfortunately in the country less attention has been paid to the use of this fertilizer to lower the pH of alkaline soils.

Therefore, it is recommended to use Thiobacillus (bio sulfur) or granular Organic Sulfur fertilizer with animal manure to speed up the oxidation process of sulfur in the soil.

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