Where Can You Buy Urea Fertilizer?

Where Can You Buy Urea Fertilizer?

Where Can You Buy Urea Fertilizer?

 Urea Fertilizer
Urea Fertilizer

Arak Petrochemical Corporation

We are a worldwide Petrochemical Corporation, that produces Urea Fertilizer, which is occupied with discount deals of fare merchandise in mechanical synthetic compounds, composts, and agro-industry. We send out from Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, and different nations. Send us an email and your authority letter on your letterhead, containing a solicitation to close an agreement, just as data about the rough month-to-month interest and conveyance areas.

How we work

High Quality

We are the leading firm by conveying quality and incentive to our customers. Every one of our experts has encountered. We like what we do.

Great Support

We are always ready to respond to your questions. You can call us at the end of the week and around evening time. Additionally, you can visit our office for individual counsel.

Can you trust us?

Our Petrochemical Corporation works as per the guideline of a unique way to deal with each customer. This gives us achievement access issues, everything being equal.

We enjoy presenting ourselves as a driving firm by giving Urea Fertilizer.


Improves germination, plant development, and harvest yield

Improves root development and design

 Increment transportation of water and manure

Begun in 1987, our Petrochemical Corporation is the most confided in name in the middle of the highest organizations on the lookout. We are filling in as an organization. The headquarter of our association is situated in Arak. We have made a specialty among the most trusted names in this area, occupied with wholesaling and circulating Medicinal Plants, Agricultural Fertilizers, Irrigation System, and some more. These items are given in the wake of testing of different quality boundaries.

Razi Petrochemical Corporation

 Urea Fertilizer
Urea Fertilizer

The portrayal of our item: In the standard manure proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, Urea Fertilizer is 46-0-0. Urea Fertilizer gives a practical method to add an effective supplement to your plant. Urea Fertilizer empowers tone and plant development. Urea should be watered or plowed into the dirt within two days to ensure the plants can access however much nitrogen as could be expected. The primary part of urea is Nitrogen, and it helps kick off plants during their development cycle, assisting them with creating more grounded cells for photosynthesis.

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