Buy Urea Online Iran

Buy Urea Online Iran

Buy Urea Online Iran

Let’s take a look at the list of companies that sell urea online. But before that we take a look at the uses of urea.

Buy Urea Online Iran

Farmers are the primary buyers of Urea in Iran

Substance Formula: CH4N2O

Different names: Carbamide | Carbonyldiamide | Carbonyldiamine | Diaminomethanal | Diamino Methanone

Appearance: White strong


Pre-treatment for sticking wood material: dampness content reaches 10 + 2%, eliminates ties, breaks, oil color, and tar, and so forth.

90% of mechanical creations urea is bound for use as nitrogen-discharge manure.

Has the most noteworthy nitrogen substance of all strong nitrogenous manures in like manner use.

Has the least conveyance cost per unit of nitrogen supplement.

All dirt microscopic organisms have the chemical urease, which catalyzes change to smelling salts or ammonium particles and bicarbonate particles in the soil.

Plants promptly consume this for predominant wellsprings of nitrogen for plan development.

Bundling: 52 Kgs PP/PE with an inward layer

Cost: Negotiable, contingent upon the measure of the request

Min request: 1*25 ft. holder

Conveyance time: Within 5-10 days after we get the installment

Origin: Iran

Pardis Petrochemical, a huge Urea manufacturer

Pardis Petrochemical Company makes and supplies alkali and urea items that possess the most smelling salts and the fabricating complexes in the Middle East and are probably the biggest maker of these items worldwide. The high volume of creation and innovation, consistency with ecological guidelines, simple entry to flammable gas takes care of, oceanic vehicle and admittance to storerooms and devoted shipping bays for urea item trade, including the preferences and highlights of the unpredictable It have a specific point of view on the organization’s situation in global business sectors.

Shiraz Petrochemical

Shiraz Petrochemical began as the primary creation unit of the Iranian petrochemical industry in 1346 to deliver nitrogen fertilizers. The organization is found 45 kilometers from Shiraz’s city, close to the stream Kor and close to Marvdasht. One of the organization’s most prominent extension plans in the year 1364 arrived at the operational stage. In this task, new units of the creation of alkali, urea, nitric corrosive, and ammonium nitrate were abused at a limit equivalent to the old companies’ multiple times. Following the improvement interaction and the expulsion of old units from the creation cycle, the Shiraz Petrochemical Third Plan was placed into activity in 1395. Execution of this arrangement will assume a significant part in gathering the country’s requirements just as providing it to world business sectors.

Zima fertilizer

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