Buy Urea Iran

Buy Urea Iran

Buy Urea Iran

Buy Urea Iran
Buy Urea Iran

Production of Urea Iran or carbamide fertilizer due to nitrogen is crucial for producing nitrate fertilizers in Iran, private and public sectors in Kerman, Tehran, Tabriz. Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Shiraz, and… It is made and has a very high export potential, which is very important in the agricultural sector and is very important for high-consumption products such as potatoes, tomatoes, summer vegetables, and the like, given the importance of fertilizer consumption in developing and increasing production. It is recommended to use specialized and committed suppliers to supply it because non-standard and unplanned fertilizers will sometimes cause irreparable losses.

Urea Iran fertilizer producers

In Iran, five petrochemical companies produce Urea Iran and ammonia:

Pardis Petrochemical Company

Razi Petrochemical

Kermanshah Petrochemical

Shiraz Petrochemical

Khorasan Petrochemical

The Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture announced production at 4.3 million tons. Consumption is 2 million tons. The country’s exports amount to about 2.3 million tons.

Plants under construction

Shiraz Petrochemical Development (Ammonia / Urea 2)

Zanjan Petrochemical (Ammonia / Urea 10)

Lordegan Petrochemical (Ammonia / Urea 11)

Golestan Petrochemical (Ammonia / Urea 12)

Lavan Chemical Company (Partnership with SAB)

Hormoz Petrochemical (Partnership with Oman)

Hengam Petrochemical (Partnership with Indonesia)

Ardabil Petrochemical

Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries

The production of these projects after the operation is a total of 9 million tons. Export markets are suitable for Western Europe and India, Thailand, Australia, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Kermanshah Petrochemical Company

Buy Urea Iran
Buy Urea Iran

Kermanshah Ammonia and Urea Iran Production Complex have been established to supply the chemical fertilizer required by Kermanshah province and neighboring provinces in the west of the country. The construction of this project and providing the required chemical fertilizer have a significant role in creating employment in the region, expanding the province’s technical capacity, and improving the knowledge of regional experts. Considering the need for chemical fertilizers in Kermanshah province and neighboring provinces, a chemical fertilizer production plant was approved. To achieve this goal, Kermanshah Petrochemical Company was registered in 1996. In 2000, underwriting was widely done by Kermanshah Petrochemical Company. Due to the necessity of establishing a petrochemical industry in the west of the country, the National Petrochemical Company accepted participation in constructing the ammonia and Urea Iran project with the government’s permission.

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