buy powdered sulfur

buy powdered sulfur

Powdered sulfur

Agricultural powder sulfur fertilizer 25 kg

Has fungicidal properties

  Increased growth and photosynthesis in the plant

Control of mites and thrips in farms and orchards

  Increased growth process and photosynthesis in the plant

Release of soil-stabilized nutrients

  Reduces soil pH and improves the absorption of micronutrients (iron and zinc) and phosphorus.


buy powdered sulfur
buy powdered sulfur

Agricultural Powdered sulfur fertilizer

 Powdered sulfur fertilizer is got from sublimation of sulfur in an indoor and airless environment, because of its high purity, it plays a very important role in disinfecting plants and soil. This material can reduce the pH of alkaline soils and thus increase the absorption of iron, zinc and phosphorus. Drying and disinfecting fruits such as grapes, apricots and producing raisins and apricot leaves. Using its flowers to disinfect poultry and livestock is an important solution. Its flowers are 99.5% pure besides agriculture in industry and pharmacy. Use of 10 kg of this substance per ton of animal feed increases the quality of fleece.

Dosage of Powdered sulfur

 In agriculture and horticulture, and for powdery mildew of grapes at certain times at 60 to 90 kg per hectare can be used in three shifts, the first time in the 6-7 leaf stage of shoots at 15-10 kg, the second time after Drop the petals and close the seeds by 20-30 kg and the third time 15-20 days later by 30-30 kg. In case of large vineyards, this amount can be increased up to 60 kg. 30 kg for shamrock, melon, watermelon and tomato (jalizi products) when the fruit reaches the size of a Ping-Pong ball. About 10 kg per hectare is used for parsley, carrot and coriander.

Powdered sulfur fertilizer should be applied at a temperature of 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above 35 ° C cause the plant to burn and will not sublimate at temperatures below 14 ° C.

buy powdered sulfur
buy powdered sulfur

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